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memory maker & hype woman

I'm a fun loving and down to earth gal with a passion for capturing life's priceless moments. I believe in documenting real moments and chasing sunsets. Will I be tearing up behind my phone during your vows and other precious minutes?

Most definitely.

As a past bride, I struggled to find an affordable wedding videographer when planning my own wedding back in 2021 and realized many others faced a similar challenge. Our budget limitations led us to skip a traditional videographer, relying on guests to capture photo and video memories when they could.

This experience inspired me to create Off Cuff Captures—a solution for couples seeking affordable yet luxurious wedding documentation. My mission is to seamlessly integrate into your day, delivering candid moments within 48 hours. With organization, dependability, and a keen eye for detail, I capture your celebration's essence, ensuring heartfelt memories for years to come.

The heart behind what I do

A Bit About Me

I'm originally from Virginia and moved to Montana after graduating with a BS in Biology from Lynchburg College. I grew up playing competitive soccer and now coach youth soccer while still getting to play in adult leagues. I was raised in a bilingual household speaking Portuguese and English and I've spent many summers in Brazil with my large family (my mom is one of 12!).

I met my husband Chuck in 2017, and we married in May 2022. Our families live in Minnesota and Virginia, so we travel often to visit as well as for Chuck's work. He is a full-time wildlife and landscape artist, recently winning the 2023 Federal Duck Stamp art contest. Together, we've built his art business over the last 7 years. We love exploring new places with our truck bed camper and wall tent!

Late June is my favorite time of year in Montana.  I'm happiest in the outdoors, and especially enjoy hiking. I love the beach and mountains equally. I value friendships and family. My star, sun, and moon signs are all in Cancer and when I learned that, my life made so much more sense; I'm also a textbook enneagram 9w1; Other hobbies I have include reading, film photography & sourdough baking! 

That's about all the rapid fire fun facts I can think of! Thanks for reading, I'm so glad you're here. 

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