3 Reasons To Hire A Content Creator For Your Montana Wedding

3 Reasons To Hire A Content Creator For Your Montana Wedding

What Is Wedding Content Creation?

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, filled with precious moments and cherished memories that you will want to relive over and over again. After months of planning and preparations, capturing these beautiful moments is absolutely essential and this is where the role of a Wedding Content Creator comes into play.

This is a relatively new service in the wedding world and one that is quickly gaining in popularity for many reasons. Wedding content creation involves the art of capturing behind the scenes videos and pictures, in real time, of your wedding day all by using an iPhone. Yes, you heard me right! This is made possible through the vast improvements of phone camera technology.

You can think of me as your personal paparazzi, not only following you (the bride/groom/couple) around for the entirety of the day, but also documenting your guests and all of the details you put into the day. I’m there to capture all of the behind the scenes and in between moments so you can relive your day as it unfolded, authentically. You’ll even get to relive moments that you may not have gotten to see in person, which makes capturing wedding on video all the more valuable.

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One of the biggest regrets brides have after their weddings is not having had someone there to capture the day on video. Pictures are amazing and irreplaceable, but having video moments to relive is priceless. A big reason brides don’t hire a traditional wedding videographers is budget related. I hoped to have a videographer at my wedding, but we had a firm $15,000 budget. After a dress, DJ, venue, catering, and photographer, our budget was spent. I actually searched for someone we could hire to take iPhone videos of our day, but there was no one who offered that kind of service. Wedding Content Creation comes at a much more affordable cost for weddings who have a smaller budget, no longer do you have to sacrifice one over the other!

A Great Alternative Or Addition

Wedding Content Creators make a great alternative to hiring a traditional wedding videographer especially if budget is a big concern. But you maybe wondering, what if I do have a videographer? Can I still hire a Wedding Content Creator? Yes absolutely! I make a great addition to your wedding media team because photographers are documenting through photos and videographers are producing a production to create a single film. Whereas, Wedding Content Creators are capturing hundreds of raw, behind the scenes moments and clips that are unfiltered and in vertical format. You’ll get highlight reels to share and you’ll receive all of the video content that’s taken throughout the day.

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One Less Thing To Stress About

Not only is the greatest benefit of hiring a Wedding Content Creator to have ALL of the candid, special moments from your day on video for you to relive and cherish. Hiring one allows you and your loved ones to fully immerse yourself in the joys of the day without the burden of documenting every moment yourself OR relying on loved ones to do it for you and then having to track them all down to get them sent to you. Wedding Content Creators fully take on that responsibility of capturing all your precious candid moments, big and small.

So, should you consider hiring a wedding content creator for your wedding? The answer is yes.

The benefits they bring to the table are invaluable. From delivering candid and off cuff videos/photos within 24-48 hours that allow you to relive and share immediately, to crafting social media content, a wedding content creator adds a touch of magic to your wedding experience.

By entrusting a Wedding Content Creator with the task of capturing your wedding day, you can relish in the knowledge that every precious moment will be immortalized in a way that captures the true essence and beauty of your wedding. The expertise of a Wedding Content Creator allows them to create timeless keepsakes that you and your loved ones can cherish for generations to come.

Looking for an affordable way to document your event or wedding? Book a Wedding Content Creator.