Best Bozeman Winter Activities: 13 Ideas For Your Wedding Guests

Planning a winter wedding in Bozeman and looking for activities to keep your guests entertained or are you planning a wintery bachelor or bachelorette party? Luckily, there is a treasure trove of things to do that offer variety and cater to all interests and ages. From fun outdoor adventures to cozy indoor experiences, there’s something here for everyone. In this guide, we’ll explore the top 13 winter activities in Bozeman that are sure to make a visit here even more memorable.

Skiing and Snowboarding

image shows skiiers and snowboarders on a mountain

Bozeman is home to two ski resorts: Bridger Bowl and Big Sky and both happen to offer some of the best skiing in the area! If any of your guests are skiers/snowboarders they’ll have a blast at either area. There are shuttles to both resorts that have stops in Bozeman so make sure to include maps and timetables for your guests convenience. Bridger’s shuttle is free while Big Sky’s shuttle is $10 round trip. Taking the shuttle service is a good option for several reasons: ease of mind as far as driving, especially if road conditions are bad or they don’t have a rental vehicle. Also if people want to enjoy some Apres ski then they can fully enjoy themselves without worrying about the drive home.


image shoes snowshoes propped up in the snow

Snowshoeing is a great option for guests to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Luckily there are many places you can go around Bozeman – all with stunning scenery. Anywhere up Hyalite Canyon is excellent, some notable areas would be on the reservoir (when frozen) and Grotto Falls trail (turnaround at the falls). Guests could also head over to the Bridger range. Two great spots there are Brackett Creek and Battle Ridge. Two easy spot’s that are closest to town, are Sourdough Canyon aka Bozeman Creek Trail and Triple Tree Trail. There is one shop in Bozeman that offers rentals Roundhouse Sports. Crosscut Sports Center also offers snowshoe rentals as well as cross country skiing at their resort.

Ice Skating

image shows couple holding hands while ice skating

A fun and leisurely ice skating session, either at an indoor rink or on a frozen outdoor pond, can be a fun activity, especially for families. There is an indoor rink at the Gallatin Valley Fairgrounds that has open skate hours and there are several outdoor areas around town too! The first being Hyalite Reservoir, when the water is frozen over many people like to recreate on the lake from cross country skiing, snowshoeing, walking, sledding, and skating. A shovel is recommended to remove any snow. Bozeman Parks does something fun where they flood large grass areas to create outdoor ice, you can find those at Beall Park, Southside Park, and Bogert Park. Play It Again sports has affordable, used sports equipment and can be a good place for people to snag some cheap skates. Rentals are available at the Fairgrounds rinks (Haynes Pavilion).

Snowmobile Touring

image shows a snowmobile tour

For the adventure-seekers, snowmobiling through the Montana wilderness can be an exhilarating way to enjoy the winter scenery. Highly suggest heading down to West Yellowstone for easy rental access and trail riding. There is an extensive snowmobile trail system that’s fun and easy to explore. You can also hire a guide to show you around as well. As a sidenote, something else to suggest would be a guided tour of Yellowstone National Park (via West Yellowstone). There are a few companies that offer snowmobile or snow coach tours into cool areas of the park that are otherwise closed to other vehicle access.

Hot Springs Visit

image shows steamy natural hotsprings in the mountains

Bozeman is conveniently situated near several hot springs resorts. A relaxing day trip to a hot spring is a perfect way for guests to unwind, especially after a day of being outdoors. The closest developed hot spring is the Bozeman Hot Springs located just South of Four Corners. About 45 minutes west is Norris Hot Springs, which has a more rustic setting. About an hour south east towards Emigrant is Chico Hot Springs and south of there is the Yellowstone Hot Springs.

Dog Sled Tour

image shows a dogsled team and musher

Dog sledding is a unique and unforgettable way to enjoy the Montana landscape and can be a highlight and core memory for your wedding guests. One notable company offering tours is Yellowstone Dogsled Adventures.

Guided Ice Fishing or Fly Fishing

image shows an icefishing rod set up on ice

For a truly unique Montana experience, consider a guided ice fishing trip or fly fishing on the river depending on the weather! Both are a peaceful yet exciting activity for those who enjoy fishing, especially for those who have never tried it. There are many companies that offer guided tours, one of them being Gallatin Valley Outfitters.

Sleigh Rides

image shows a red sleigh being pulled by horses in snow

A scenic sleigh ride through a winter wonderland can be a romantic and family-friendly activity, offering a quintessential winter experience. A few notable places that offer sleigh rides are up in Big Sky at the Lone Mountain Ranch and here in Bozeman at Bodhi Farms.

Local Brewery and Distillery Tours

image shows beer glasses

For a more relaxed activity, suggest a tour of Bozeman’s local breweries and distilleries, where guests can warm up with some craft beer or spirits. Bozeman is home to many local craft breweries and distilleries. Some notable breweries are Map Brewing (Best views, good food), Mountains Walking Brewery (best pizza, best unique beers), Shred Monk Brewing (convenient downtown location, good food), Bridger Brewing (Bozeman location, good beers, good pizza). Other great places to visit are Outlaw Brewing, Last Best Place Brewing, Bunkhouse Brewing, Bozeman Spirits, Wildrye Distilling, and Dry Hills Distillery.

Museums + Indoor Fun

indoor trampoline park

For a fun indoor activity that’s also educational and family friendly, encourage a visit to Bozeman’s Museum of the Rockies. There are several rotating exhibits as well as a large exhibit that dives into Montana’s rich Paleontological history. Another fascinating museum is the American Computer and Robotics Museum. Apparently, it’s very well worth the stop and another great family friendly option.

Other indoor activities to do include indoor ice skating at the Haynes Pavilion at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds, a visit to one of Bozeman’s fun Escape rooms, I recommend Escape 406. The indoor trampoline park is yet another family friendly option and great for all ages. Lastly, the Bozeman Bowl which is located downtown offers another great indoor activity option. Be sure to check their schedule for open bowl times as they host several leagues.

Spa Day

image shows candles and rolled towels in a relaxing environment

A group trip to a local spa for some pampering can be a great way for your guests to relax and rejuvenate. There are several great spas in town, some notable ones are Ceremony Bozeman and The Loft Spa.

Craft Classes

image shows embroidery materials

There are a few places in town that offer classes for a wide variety of crafts. Follow them on Instagram and check out their websites to stay up to date with their schedules! First up is Biome Slowcraft, a boutique shop that sells artwork and craftwork from local sellers around the Bozeman area. They have a large workshop room where they host many workshops throughout the month. Studio Wheelhouse Bozeman is another community maker space that hosts a variety of monthly craft workshops.

Bozeman Events: Farmers Markets, Art Markets, Trivia Nights, Bingo

image shows flowers at a market

Depending on when you’re hosting your Bozeman wedding, there are several market opportunities as well as community Bozeman events happening. Typically every Saturday during the winter there is an indoor farmers market at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds. This can be a fun activity to just get out and see what the local community has to offer as well as shop around for some locally made gifts. During the holiday season or early spring season there are usually art markets where one can shop and support local artists and businesses. The best place to learn about these lower key events is though following @AOBozeman on Instagram and visiting their events calendar.

Other community events during the winter include: the Bozeman Christmas Stroll and Bozeman Art Walks, an easy way to find the schedules for these events is just by searching in Google something along the lines of “Bozeman art walks summer/winter *insert year*”. The BoZone will also include these events and many other events like bingo, trivia nights, karaoke nights, and local music, etc in their events calendar.

image shows bozeman at sunset

Offering a list of activities for your guests visiting Bozeman for your wedding is more than just a thoughtful gesture; it’s an invitation to discover the charm and adventure that this beautiful area has to offer. By guiding them to enjoyable experiences in and around Bozeman, you’re enhancing their trip, making it about more than just a wedding, but an unforgettable journey. It’s a way to share a piece of what makes this area special to you, ensuring their memories of your wedding include not just a beautiful ceremony, but also the joy of fun and exploration Montana has to offer.

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