Top Tips For Planning Your Winter Wedding In Bozeman

With its stunning winter landscapes, the Bozeman area offers a magical backdrop for a winter wedding, The sparkling snow, cozy lodges, and the rustic charm of the area create an idyllic setting. But planning a wedding in winter, especially in a place known for its cold and snowy months, requires some special considerations. If you’re planning on getting married here in the winter months, here’s a few things to consider so that your wedding will be a huge success!

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Embrace the Season

image shows winter greenery and floral table display

Lean into the season with a winter wonderland theme. Think white, silver, and blue color palettes or go bold with contrasting colors that will pop against the backdrop of snow like greens, reds, or golds. Incorporate lots of warm and cozy elements like candles, fairy lights, and plush throws for your guests – this creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, which is perfect for a winter celebration.

Utilize winter florals like poinsettias, holly, and evergreens in your décor to add natural, seasonal beauty. Also embrace the season with unique winter activities for guests, like a small bonfire or an indoor s’mores station. You could even look into sleigh rides, especially if it’s offered at your venue. If your wedding is near a holiday, consider incorporating subtle nods to the holiday season in your decorations or music choices.

Venue Selection

image shows a circular ceremony arch adorned with greenery and lights. A cake stands front and center

Choose a venue that offers comfort and warmth. Venues with large fireplaces, indoor heating, and cozy seating areas are ideal for Montana’s colder months. Warm spaces feel inviting and will create the best cozy and romantic vibes for you and your guests. Offer warm beverages like hot cocoa or spiced cider as guests arrive. And for any outdoor elements, consider renting outdoor heaters to keep everyone comfortable.

Scenic Views

image shows a cabin nestled in the snowy mountain side

It will most likely be too chilly to have your ceremony outdoors so definitely consider venues with large windows or glass walls that offer views of the snowy landscapes, allowing you and your guests to enjoy the beauty of winter in Montana. This way, you and your guests can bask in the season’s beauty from a warm indoor haven. And if sweeping vistas aren’t a feature of your chosen locale, fear not—Montana’s charm is abundant. Whether it’s the rustic elegance of a historic hotel or the cozy allure of a barn, your venue will inherently carry the enchanting spirit of a quintessential Montana wedding.

Warm Attire

image shows a couple walking together in snow

Opt for a wedding dress with heavier fabric or consider wearing a stylish shawl or faux fur stole. Also, keep guests informed about the weather and terrain, so they come prepared with appropriate attire and expectations. As far as footwear goes, boots like blundstones, thermal boots, etc can be both elegant and practical for snowy and cold conditions!

Travel Arrangements

Thankfully it’s not high season, but accommodations can still book up quickly. Encourage your guests to book their hotels, flights, and a rental vehicle well in advance. You can keep guests informed with wedding details from itineraries, accommodations, activities, and weather updates through a dedicated wedding app or website. Offering a list of local accommodations near your venue is very helpful especially if you have first time visitors. As far as activities for your guests to do while visiting Bozeman, I have a blog dedicated to some fun and adventurous ideas that you should share with your guests: Bozeman’s Best Winter Activities: Best 13 Ideas For Your Guests


image shows a bus driving on a winter day

During this time of year in Montana, the weather is most often unpredictable, which means road conditions are too. It’s especially important to consider transportation options for guests who are not familiar with driving in snow/ice conditions. If your venue is outside the city or in a remote area, providing shuttle services from main hotels is a big relief for guests, not only for the drinking aspect, but especially if road conditions happen to be poor. Here are a few local transportation options to check out: Party Bus Rentals, Karst Stage, United Coachways, Lone Mountain Limo, Bozeman Shuttle.

Golden Hour Photos

image shows a couple standing together and holding hands

Winter days in Bozeman have shorter daylight hours. Plan your photography schedule to make the most of the natural light, especially golden hour. There are fun apps like Google Earth (desktop) where it’ll show you where the sun will be at specific times in a specific location. You could also consider a pre or post-wedding photo session to take advantage of winter scenery without the pressure of the wedding day timeline.

Indoor Backup

Always have a plan B for every outdoor segment of your wedding. An indoor alternative for your ceremony or reception is a must, especially when it comes to taking group photos.

Seasonal Menu

image shows dinnerware set up with winter greenery accents

If you have the option, offer a menu that features a few seasonal dishes. Winter is perfect for festive appetizers, hearty meals, warm soups, and joyful beverages.

Warming Drinks

image shows a hot coco drink with toppings

Set up a hot chocolate or coffee bar with customizable toppings for a warm treat. If you’re serving boozy beverages, think about drinks like hot toddies, bailey’s, mulled wine, white russians, etc.

Emergency Kit

In addition to a bridal emergency kit, consider an emergency kit for guests that is ready with items like hand warmers, extra gloves, extra shawls, chap stick, lotion, and even a few umbrellas depending on the weather forecast and your plans.

Day-Of Coordinator

image shows a person writing with pen and paper at a desk

Many venues provide a day of coordinator, but incase yours doesn’t you should consider hiring one to handle any last-minute changes or challenges. Not only can they help with things that come up spur of the moment, but they can also really help offload some of the stress a wedding day can bring to a bride as well as guide and direct guests, arrangements, decor, set up, etc.

image shows a table and cake set up with a mountain view in winter

As you wrap up your winter wedding planning for your wedding, keep in mind that the crisp air and snowy settings are simply the backdrop to your big day. With these tips, you’re well on your way to creating a cozy, memorable celebration for everyone involved. So get ready to tie the knot against a stunning Montana winter backdrop—and make every moment count. Now that you’re equipped with the know-how, all that’s left is to look forward to the beautiful, unique, and joyous occasion ahead.

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